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About Us

What Makes Us Different?

If you're a consultant, an engineer or an end-user, the chances are you already know the difficulties of choosing a supplier. Who can you really trust? What is it that differentiates one company's products from the next? And for that matter…

What makes Aqualeak Detection's products and services any different?

Founded in the early 1980s to provide high-quality power, data and environmental monitoring systems to the emerging computer industry, we soon realised two aspects would be crucial to our success. The first was 'speed-to market'; the second was 'custom design'.

With the huge pace of change in computer technology during the late 1980s, the landscape was moving so fast that many of our competitors found themselves caught in a time-warp of outdated 'one size fits all' products. Early on in our development we took the strategic decision to invest heavily in custom-design solutions… For the last 20 years we've hardly ever had to say no to a consultant or client:

If you can specify it, chances are we can supply it!

If you require a water or oil leak detection system, need temperature and humidity monitoring, or have a requirement for an environmental alarm system, - Aqualeak Detection can supply it!

Our Core Compentency - System Design

Aqualeak Detection Ltd specialises in water and oil leak detection systems, temperature and humidity monitors, and environmental alarm systems and was the UK's first manufacturer of 'Intelligent' linear water leakage detection systems.

Full in-house Design and Manufacture

Aqualeak Detection Ltd are one of the very few European companies offering our own in-house design, manufacture, installation and commissioning services.

Procurement facilities for related products

In the event that a piece of specialised equipment is not available from our own range of products, our clients won't leave empty-handed - with our unparalleled experience in sourcing and installing equipment for the most complex of projects we can almost always surpass the brief.

20 Years Experience

In the last 20 years we have undertaken over 5,000 water leak detection contracts, a significant number of which have been systems to protect whole complexes of buildings. Some of our more noteworthy installations include a £275,000 multi-floor docklands dealer complex, a £250,000 twin-towerblock government HQ and a £180,000 remote banking computer centre...

Other interesting projects we have completed recently including an application to protect an ice rink from condensation, a system to automatically shut a sliding conservatory roof, a water-fountain monitoring controller and a silicon-chip 'production moisture' monitor.

Thousands of installations

If there's one thing that sets our detection products and services apart from our competitors', it's our comprehensive knowledge of system design and extensive on-site experience. Having been involved in the design and manufacture of several thousand leak detection projects, the chances are - we have designed and supplied a water detector for an application just like yours…

Put Us to the Test !

We're confident that our combination of experience, knowledge and quality brings our customers the best sort of products - Please don't just take our word for it though… Feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)1249 715698 or contact us online, and we'll happily talk you through the best solution to your needs.


"I've been using Aqualeak to maintain their leak detection system for the past 7 years and I must say they are extremely professional in the way they approach all aspects of their installations and servicing. They have never let me down by not turning up on their agreed date which is a major plus factor on this very secure site where access is never easy. They also give excellent technical help over the phone if required. I have no problem at all in recommending Aqualeak to anyone."
Site Engineer - Large and secure data centre

"I phoned this morning and spoke to a installation engineer who was very knowledgeable and helpful to the questions that I had. Thanks for his help."
Engineer - Installation company

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