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Autocall Auto Dialler

Autocall Multizone Automatic Telephone Dialling Unit

Multizone Automatic Dialling Unit

The AutoCall has 4 separate alarm inputs that can in turn automatically dial up to 10 separate telephone numbers to play a voice message or send an SMS message. The AutoCall works together with Aqualeaks water leak detection panels, oil leak detection systems and environmental alarms.

  • Capable of dialling out to 10 different telephone numbers
  • Simple installation, only a power supply and a BT socket required
  • Can be connected to any device via a volt free contact relay

When an alarm is triggered from the host device a signal is sent to the AutoCall panel via a volt free relay. The first number nominated is then dialled and the site address and appropriate alarm message played. Should recipient number one not hear the message, the AutoCall will dial the next number. It is only when a recipient acknowledges that they have heard the message that it ceases.

  • Typical applications include water leak detection, oil leak detection, over temperature alarms, fire detection, intruder detection, power fails, UPS fails and pump fails.

The messages and telephone numbers are fully site programmable and require no specialist equipment or knowledge. 

Dimensions: 220x140x80mm
Power Supply: 230VAC
Power Usage: 100mA
Telephone Systems: LD / DTMF / PABX
Inputs: 4
Outputs: 10 programmable numbers
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