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Fluid Level Monitoring Systems

Telemetry systems for alarm and control monitoring of sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, septic tanks and fish farms. Units are available that can provide local or remote alarms via SMS Text Messages. Provides an early warning of a pending overflow and help avoid an expensive clean up as well as offering plant monitoring to ensure pumps and motors are operating correctly.

Septic tank alarm

The Septic Tank Alarm is an automated SMS text messaging alarm system that sends a specific message when fluid levels are high or air pressure is lost.

Used in sewage treatment plants, pumping stations and for monitoring septic tank levels. The Septic Tank Alarm will give an early warning of a pending overflow and help avoid an expensive clean up. Septic tank alarm details
Klaxon Alarm

The Klaxon/Beacon Alarm will provide a load klaxon and flashing beacon when an alarm is triggered.

Up to two devices can be connected to the alarm inputs and there is an option to run from solar power. Ideal for using in remote locations where getting a mains electricity supply would be impractical. Klaxon Alarm Details
RBC Remote Alarm Reporting System

The RBC SMS Alarm is designed to work on Rotating Biological Contactors or similar biological treatment plants.

An alarm is triggered when the amount of rotations (pulses) in an hour falls below a preset threshold limit. When in alarm the system will send a bespoke text message to up to five alternative phone numbers. RBC Remote Alarm Reporting System Details
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