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Klaxon Alarm

Klaxon Alarm

Low cost alarm for high level and pressure loss

The Klaxon/Beacon alarm unit has been developed to provide a loud klaxon and flashing beacon in the event of a failure or high fluid level in a treatment plant, pumping station or storage tank. Supplied in a weather proof enclosure (IP65) with the option to run from either mains power or solar.

  • Audible output at 100dB with auto timeout
  • Bright Xenon flashing beacon
  • Battery backup

The Klaxon/Beacon alarm unit is easy to install on any plant and will alert that a there is a failure in the system. When attached to a float switch the alarm will trigger when fluid levels exceed what is an acceptable limit. The inputs are delayed to prevent nuisance alarms and a useful watchdog lamp shows that the system is working correctly. For remote areas the alarm can be run using a weatherproof solar panel, eliminating the need to run any cables over long distances.

  • Typical applications include septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, oil storage tanks and chemical bunds. 

This simple but effective alarm unit can provide early warning of any blockage in a tank outlet or soak-a-way and as such prevents costly cleaning up operations. 

Dimensions: 213 x 185 x 102mm
Power Supply: 230VAC or Solar Power
Auditability: 100db @ 1m
Maximum Inputs: 2
Enclosure: IP65


AR1 Single Zone Remote Repeater Alarm

The AR1 remote repeater will provide an audio and visual output that mimics the alarm output from the host alarm panel.

The AR1 also has the capability to onward signal to an autodialler or BMS via an optional volt-free relay contact. Can be used with the FloodStoppa, AquaTek, SMS Alarm, Klaxon Alarm and the SMS Temperature panels.  AR1 Single Zone Remote Repeater Alarm Details
Beacon and Sounder

The beacon/sounder unit has a load audible output (105dB at 1m) and a bright flashing beacon that will trigger when an Aqualeak panel goes into alarm.

This unit can be located in an area that gives a better opportunity to react to an alarm such as outside the room being protected or on the outside of the building. The effective range for the sounder is 32m from the position of the beacon/sounder. Beacon and Sounder Details
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