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Multi-zone Environmental Alarms

These temperature and humidity alarm systems have been designed to be used where more than one area has a requirement for careful environmental monitoring. With systems from 2 to 128 individual zones, they can be tailored to suit a particular requirement.

TempTek 2 Environmental Monitoring Alarm

The TempTek2 is an environmental monitoring alarm with dual input capability for multizone monitoring or upper and lower temperature detection.

By connecting two of Aqualeaks temperature sensors it is possible to set a lower limit of as little as 5⁰C and an upper limit of as much as 30⁰C and monitor this. Once one of these limits has been reached, the alarm is triggered and the event is alerted. TempTek 2 Environmental Monitoring Alarm Details
TempTek 4 Zone Over Temperature Alarm

The TempTek4 allows up to 4 different areas to be monitored at the same time. This environmental alarm panel has 4 sensor inputs and will identify which of these is in alarm.

As well as being capable of measuring 4 different zones, the TempTek4 can be used to monitor 2 different areas using upper and lower temperature limits. With a range of between 5⁰C and 30⁰C it is possible to define the temperature band to suit the environment being monitored. On reaching the preset upper or lower limit the TempTek4 will signal an alarm and the zone LED will indicate where the problem is. TempTek 4 Zone Over Temperature Alarm Details
OGW Multi-zone Over Temperature and Water Leak Detection System

The OGW is a multizone environmental alarm system capable of detecting temperature and humidity in up to 32 different areas.

The OGW can be configured for zones between 1 and 32 and can be used for monitoring temperature and humidity. Ideal for use in larger areas where temperature is critical to the process or equipment contained in it. The OGW has LED indication as to which zone has alarmed as well as relay outputs for signaling on to a BMS or other devices. OGW Multi-zone Over Temperature and Water Leak Detection System Details
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