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TempTek 4 Over-Temperature Environmental Alarm

TempTek 4 Zone Over Temperature Alarm

Four Zone Over-Temperature Alarm.

The TempTek4 is an entry level over temperature detection system offering four separate detection zones. Typically designed for smaller commercial applications, it offers an audio alarm as well as individual LED indicators to show which zone is in alarm.

  • Compact and economical 4 zone temperature monitoring syst
  • Local audio and visual alarm signals to show which zone is in alarm
  • Volt free relay output allows onward connection to other systems such as a BMS

The TempTek4 monitors the temperature in a room or rooms using adjustable temperature sensors set to trigger an alarm at between 5 and 30⁰C. The trigger temperature is set by the user and can be different for each zone. On reaching the maximum set temperature on any of the zones the TempTek4 will go into alarm, a sounder will alert and the LED for which zone is activated, will illuminate. The sounder can be muted and the individual zone investigated.

Typical applications include computer rooms, data storage centres, comms rooms, server rooms and plant rooms.

Dimensions: 120x120x60mm
Power Supply: 230VAC
Power Usage: 50mA
Audibility: 85db at 10cm
Relay Rating: 230VAC 8 amp
Max Temperature Range: 5 - 30⁰C


Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Aqualeak environmental alarms use temperature and humidity sensors to monitor critical areas where over temperature and humidity will have a detrimental effect on a process or operation of equipment.

There are two versions of the temperature sensor offer a range between 10⁰ - 30⁰C and a humidity sensor that will measure between 35% and 100% RH. Temperature and Humidity Sensor Details
AR4 Multi Zone Remote Repeater Alarm

The AR4 remote repeater can be used to repeat up to 4 individual alarm panels or a multizone alarm panel with up to 4 zones.

This remote repeater has individual visual alerts and an audio output to offer easy reference to the location of the alarm. Can be used with the AquaTek, AquaTraq, FloodStoppa, OGW, OTF, OTMA and AquaTek4, TempTek4 alarm panels. AR4 Multi Zone Remote Repeater Alarm Details
Autocall Telephone Dialling Unit

The AutoCall automatic dialing system can dial out to 10 different telephone numbers and plays a voice message to inform the recipient that there is an alarm.

There are four alarm inputs and a different message can be assigned for each channel. The Autocall will work with any of the Aqualeak alarm systems via a volt free contact.  Autocall Telephone Dialling Unit Details
SMS Alarm

The SMS alarm can be used to send text messages to up to five different phones when an alarm is triggered.

Up to four different devices can be connected to the alarm inputs and a bespoke message for each transmitted. Works with any mobile network SIM card and requires no fixed telephone line to operate making it ideal for working in remote locations. SMS Alarm Details
Beacon and Sounder

The beacon/sounder unit has a load audible output (105dB at 1m) and a bright flashing beacon that will trigger when an Aqualeak panel goes into alarm.

This unit can be located in an area that gives a better opportunity to react to an alarm such as outside the room being protected or on the outside of the building. The effective range for the sounder is 32m from the position of the beacon/sounder. Beacon and Sounder Details
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