Environmental Alarms Overview

Aqualeak have a range of environmental alarms for monitoring over temperature, humidity and fluid levels. Limits can be set for the over temperature, humidity and level which when exceeded, gives an audio/visual output.  Systems can be installed in areas such as computer rooms and plant rooms with battery backup options and links to autodial units that will either dial out with a voice message or send a text.

See ourEnvironmental Alarms Product Range and Fluid Level Monitoring Range Systems.

  • TempTek Overtemperature Environmental AlarmEntry Level System for over temperature monitoring.
  • Single Zone system using a remote adjustable temperature sensor.
  • Measures between 5⁰C and 30⁰C.
TempTek Overtemperature Environmental Alarm Details
  • Septic tank alarmSends Text Message on Alarm
  • High Level Float Switch
  • Loss of Air Pressure Switch
  • Battery Backup 
Septic tank alarm details
  • TempTek 2 and 4 Overtemperature AlarmsOver temperature Alarm with one to four zones with audio/visual output.
  • Capable of measuring between 5⁰C and 30⁰C.
  • Ideal for smaller computer and plant rooms.
TempTek 2 and 4 Overtemperature Alarms Details
  • TempTek 4 Zone Over Temperature Alarm SystemMultizone
  • Measures between 0⁰C and 30⁰C
  • Four Zones Available 
TempTek 4 Zone Over Temperature Alarm System Details
  • Klaxon AlarmBright Flashing Beacon
  • Load Klaxon
  • High Level Float Switch
  • Loss of Air Pressure Switch 
Klaxon Alarm Details
  • OTF Environmental AlarmSingle Zone Alarm for over temperature.
  • Black box for BMS connection and audio/visual versions available.
  • Uses a remote adjustable temperature sensor and measures between 5⁰C and 30⁰C.
OTF Environmental Alarm Details
  • OTMA Overtemperature Environmental AlarmOver temperature single zone alarm with battery backup.
  • Capable of measuring temperature and humidity.
  • Measures between 5⁰C and 30⁰C.
  • OTMA Overtemperature Environmental Alarm Details
  • RBC Remote Alarm Reporting SystemSends Text Message on Alarm
  • Monitors Rotating Biological Contactor
  • Built in Pressure Switch
  • Helps to avoid pollution incidents 
RBC Remote Alarm Reporting System Details
  • OGW Over temperature and Water Leak Detection SystemMulti Zone over temperature alarm panels with battery backup.
  • Configurable zones between 1 and 32 inputs .
  • Individual zone signalling, emergency shutoff, Autodial.
OGW Over temperature and Water Leak Detection System Details
  • SMS Temperature AlarmSends Text Messages on Alarm
  • Measures between -50⁰C and 50⁰C
  • Works with any SIM Card 
SMS Temperature Alarm Details