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Single-zone Environmental Alarms

Suited for monitoring temperature and humidity in an individual area such as a comms room or server room, these monitoring devices will alarm when the temperature/humidity reaches a point greater than that set for the environment.

TempTek Overtemperature Environmental Alarm

The Temptek environmental monitoring alarm is an entry level system for measuring temperatures up to 30 degrees centigrade.

Ideal for use in smaller data centres, computer rooms and plant rooms where a controlled environment is required. The Temptek alarm panel has audio/visual outputs to alert that the preset temperature has been exceeded. TempTek Overtemperature Environmental Alarm Details
OTF Environmental Alarm

The OTF over temperature alarm offers excellent security against potential damage to sensitive equipment and can be easily connected to the BMS.

With a monitoring range of between 5 and 30 degrees centigrade, the OTF comes in two versions, one that will connect directly to the BMS, the other with an integrated audio/visual alarm output. The OTF can be connected to one of Aqualeaks autodial products to inform of an alarm situation even in an unoccupied building. OTF Environmental Alarm Details
OTMA Overtemperature Environmental Alarm

This is our most sophisticated environmental monitoring alarm system and can detect over temperature as well as unacceptable levels of humidity.

Typically the choice in larger computer rooms, data centres, comms rooms and plant rooms, the OTMA comes with battery backup and can monitor temperature up to 30 degrees centigrade and humidity between 30 and 100%RH. OTMA Overtemperature Environmental Alarm Details
SMS Temperature Alarm

The Aqualeak SMS temperature alarm can be used to send text messages when a preset temperature has been reached.

The SMS temperature alarm uses mobile phone technology to send a bespoke text message to up to 5 different phone numbers sequentially. The alarm panel does not require a fix telephone line and can be used with most mobile networks. Temperatures between -50⁰C and 50⁰C can be monitored making it ideal for monitoring cold stores and server rooms. SMS Temperature Alarm Details
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