Oil Leak Detection Products Overview

Aqualeak have a range of oil leak detection systems that provide alarm monitoring of substances such as diesel, heating oils, as well as some chemicals and acids. From simple systems designed to monitor in a specific place to sophisticated multizone alarms with battery backup that can switch valves and sump pumps. Leaks are detected using the Redeye sensor; big savings can be achieved from loss of liquid and expensive cleaning up operations.

  • OilBug Oil Leak DetectorSingle Zone alarm panel for oil, chemical and acid leak detection.
  • Audio/Visual output alarm available in 12-24V and 230V.
  • Black box version available for BMS connection interface. 
  • OilBug Oil Leak Detector Details
  • RGO Oil Leak DetectorMulti Zone panels with battery backup.
  • Configurable zones between 2 and 32 inputs.
  • Optional individual zone relay outputs.

RGO Oil Leak Detector Details

  • RedEye1 Oil and Water Leak DetectorSingle Zone panel with battery backup.
  • Oil, chemical and acid leak detection.
  • 2 output relays for connecting to shutdown valves and auto dialler. 

RedEye1 Oil and Water Leak Detector Details