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Single-zone Oil Leak Detectors

Aqualeak offer two systems for oil leak detection at a single point.  Both use the Optoschmitt sensing technology to monitor the presence of oil.  The Oilbug is our miniature alarm ideal for monitoring diesel storage areas, tank rooms and plant rooms.  The Redeye 1 system is a more sophisticated system that will simultaneously detect oil and water. It comes with a battery backup, two output alarm relays and will also monitor for problems with the cabling.

OilBug Oil Leak Detector

The Oilbug is a single zone oil leak detection alarm that uses a sensor probe to detect the presence of oil based substances.

The Oilbug works by using Optoschmitt technology that can detect a change in the reflectivity of a surface.  Any change due to the presence of oil will trigger an alarm and give an audio/visual signal.  The Oilbug can be connected to a BMS and comes in mains rated and low voltage versions.   OilBug Oil Leak Detector Details
RedEye1 Oil and Water Leak Detector

The Redeye 1 provides alarm monitoring for oil and water detection in areas such as fuel storage, tank rooms and boiler rooms.

It has the capability to run two sensors in parallel allowing for monitoring two points with the same alarm panel. The two internal relays mean the Redeye 1 can be connected to a BMS and also switch valves, pumps or signal to Aqualeaks automatic dialing system. RedEye1 Oil and Water Leak Detector Details
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