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RedEye 1 Single-zone Oil Leak Detector

RedEye1 Oil and Water Leak Detector

Combined Oil and Water Leak Detection

The Redeye 1 has been developed to monitor for leaks of complex liquids such as diesel and heating oil whilst simultaneously monitoring for water leaks.  Using opto-electronic sensor probes, the Redeye 1 can be used to monitor for leaks in other areas such as fuel storage, plant rooms and boiler rooms.

  • Simultaneously monitors for oil or water leaks
  • Can be connected to a BMS and can signal to a machine control system
  • Battery backup available allowing the system to remain functioning after a power out

On detecting the presence of oil, diesel or water, the Redeye sensor senses a change in the refractive index of the surface; this immediately puts the system into alarm. When in alarm an audio warning is sounded and a visual output illuminates.  Simultaneously, the two internal relays switch to allow for onward signalling to a BMS for instance and mechanical switching of valves and pumps etc.

  • Typical applications include oil/diesel storage tanks, fuel feed pipelines, boiler houses and plant rooms.
Dimensions (mm): 150Wx200Hx80D
Power Supply: 110/230VAC
Response Time: 50mS
Sensor Adjustment: 0mm to 25mm
Sensors: Maximum of 2 wired in parallel


Redeye Oil Sensor Probe

The Redeye is an adjustable floor mounted probe and is used for the detection of oil based substances such as diesel and fuel oil.

The Redeye detects any change in the refractive index from the surface it is looking at. Redeye Oil Sensor Probe Details
Water Leak Detection Valve Range

Solenoid valves are available for controlling the flow of oil to either switch off the supply in the event of a leak or switch it on when demanded.

Valves are available in sizes between ½” and 2” and have zero lift specification that does not require any pressure differential for them to operate.  Water Leak Detection Valve Range Details
RA Remote Repeater Alarm

This is a miniature alarm repeater designed as a stand-alone module and can be linked in series to repeat an alarm condition in several locations at the same time.

The RA remote repeater panel can accept an alarm signal from any no-volt relay output.  It can be used with the Waterbug, AquaTraq, OTF, OTMA, RGO, Oilbug and Redeye1 alarm panels.  RA Remote Repeater Alarm Details
Solodial Telephone Dialling Unit

The SoloDial automatic dialling unit can dial up to eight different telephone numbers to alert the recipient when the alarm has been activated.

The SoloDial automatic dialling unit can dial up to eight different telephone numbers to alert the recipient when the alarm has been activated. Solodial Telephone Dialling Unit Details
SMS Alarm

The SMS alarm can be used to send a text message to up to five different phones when an alarm is triggered.

Up to four different devices can be connected to the alarm inputs and a bespoke message for each transmitted.   It works with any mobile network SIM card and requires no fixed telephone line to operate making it ideal for working in remote locations. SMS Alarm Details
Beacon and Sounder

When positioned on the outside of a room or on the outside of a building, the beacon/sounder can be used to alert that an alarm has been triggered.

It has a very loud klaxon and a bright flashing light that would be difficult to ignore even from a considerable distance away. Beacon and Sounder Details
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