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Aqualeak have a network of commissioning engineers that will come to site and set up your leak detection equipment.

Especially relevant to the BREEAM water leak detection products as the engineer will leave a commissioning certificate that can be given to BREEAM as evidence that the system is working correctly.

Commissioning includes setting up parameters in the control panels to suit customer requirements and checking electrical connections have been made correctly. They also include testing that the alarm systems can be triggered and go into alarm and that the relay outputs are operating correctly as well as the devices they are connected to. 


Aqualeak offer competitive maintenance contracts for all the equipment supplied. The purpose of the visits will be to ensure that the systems are running correctly and all associated devices are in good working operation. Visits can be as frequent as the equipment supplied requires, with annual, bi-annual and even weekly contract available.


Our experienced installation engineers can be contracted to install alarm systems to your design requirements. Single and multizone systems can be installed efficiently and professionally using our experience of installing many 100s of systems in a wide range of environments.

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