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Accessories for our Water Leak Detection Products

Aqualeak offer many different accessories for the various alarm systems available. These include a variety of different ways to detect for the presence of water and oil as well as monitoring temperature and humidity. There are also accessories that can be used to enhance the capability of the alarm systems, enabling water supplies to be turned off and automated telephone dialing that alert when there is an alarm.

Product range description... Sensors, Valves, Repeaters, Automatic Telephone Dialers and Audio and Visual Alarms.


PIR Sensor

Aqualeak offer two different PIR infrared sensors, a ceiling flush mount and a ceiling surface mount version.

The infrared sensors are available in 240VAC and 24VAC and can be set to operate at between 10 and 40 minutes. It is possible to have a number of PIR sensors connected in parallel and can handle currents up to 6 Amps, which when used with the Aqualeak solenoid valves can have up to 3 connected to one PIR. PIR Sensor Details

Aqualeak offer a range of different sensing techniques which will allow you to tailor your leak detection system to suit your application.

These include sensor cable, sensor probes and sensor pads. The type of sensing method used depends on the environment and requirement you have for leak detection. All the sensors work on the principle that water is a conductive element and can in effect close an open circuit. Sensor range and sensor accessories details


Water Leak Detection Valve Range

Solenoid valves are available for controlling the water flow to either switch off the supply in the event of a leak, or switch it on when demanded.

Valves are available in sizes between ½” and 2” and have zero lift specification and do not require any pressure differential for them to operate.  Water Leak Detection Valve Range Details


RA Remote Repeater Alarm

This is a miniature alarm repeater designed as a stand-alone module and can be linked in series to repeat an alarm condition in several locations at the same time.

The RA remote repeater panel can accept an alarm signal from any no-volt relay output. Can be used with the Waterbug, AquaTraq, OTF, OTMA, RGO, Oilbug and Redeye1 alarm panels.  RA Remote Repeater Alarm Details
AR1 Single Zone Remote Repeater Alarm

The AR1 remote repeater will provide an audio and visual output that mimics the alarm output from the host alarm panel.

The AR1 also has the capability to onward signal to a autodialler or BMS via an optional volt-free relay contact. Can be used with the FloodStoppa, AquaTek, SMS Alarm, Klaxon Alarm and the SMS Temperature panels.  AR1 Single Zone Remote Repeater Alarm Details
RR Single Zone Remote Repeater Alarm

This is a miniature entry level repeater used where a simple repetition of the main alarm panel is required.

It can be positioned in a control room or reception area where the host alarm panel may not always be monitored. Can be used with the AquaTraq and GWD alarm panels. RR Single Zone Remote Repeater Alarm Details
RAA Multi Zone Remote Repeater Alarm

The RAA remote repeater can be used to repeat from 1 to 128 individual alarm panels or a multizone alarm panel connected to between 1 and 128 zones.

This remote repeater can be connected to a number of different single zone and multizone host panels around a building giving a central monitoring location. Can be used with most Aqualeak alarm panels that provide a volt free relay output. RAA Multi Zone Remote Repeater Alarm Details
AR4 Multi Zone Remote Repeater Alarm

The AR4 remote repeater can be used to repeat up to 4 individual alarm panels or a multizone alarm panel with up to 4 zones.

This remote repeater has individual visual alerts and an audio output to offer easy reference to the location of the alarm. Can be used with the AquaTek, AquaTraq, FloodStoppa, OGW, OTF, OTMA and AquaTek4, TempTek4 alarm panels. AR4 Multi Zone Remote Repeater Alarm Details

Automatic Telephone Diallers

Solodial Telephone Dialling Unit

The SoloDial automatic dialing unit can dial up to eight different telephone numbers to alert the recipient the alarm has been activated.

This has a single input which will connect to any volt free contact in the Aqualeak alarm system range.  The SoloDial will try each number in sequence until the alarm has been acknowledged. Solodial Telephone Dialling Unit Details
Autocall Telephone Dialling Unit

The AutoCall automatic dialing system can dial out to 10 different telephone numbers and plays a voice message to inform the recipient that there is an alarm.

There are four alarm inputs and a different message can be assigned for each channel. The Autocall will work with any of the Aqualeak alarm systems via a volt free contact.  Autocall Telephone Dialling Unit Details
SMS Alarm

The SMS alarm can be used to send text messages to up to five different phones when an alarm is triggered.

Up to four different devices can be connected to the alarm inputs and a bespoke message for each transmitted. It works with any mobile network SIM card and requires no fixed telephone line to operate making it ideal for working in remote locations. SMS Alarm Details

Beacons and Sounders

Beacon and Sounder

When positioned on the outside of a room or on the outside of a building the beacon/sounder can be used to alert that an alarm has been triggered.

It has a very load klaxon and a bright flashing light that would be difficult to ignore even from a considerable distance away. Beacon and Sounder Details

Water Meters

Water Meter

Aqualeak supply turbine water meters with pulse reader units which output at the correct parameters for the WG1 and WG2 water leak detection control panels.

Meters are available in sizes between 15mm and 200mm. Water Meter Details
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