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AR1 Remote Repeater

AR1 Remote Repeater Alarm

AR1 Single Zone Remote Repeat Alarm

The AR1 remote repeater can be used to provide remote audio and visual signalling from any host source with a clean no-volt relay output. Ideal for situating in control rooms or receptions, when the main alarm panel is located in an area where the presence of people is low and as such may not be seen or heard.

  • Allows remote monitoring of leak detection alarm panels
  • Can be fitted with an optional output relay for onward signalling
  • The AR1 has an audio/visual output and can be muted locally

When the contact relay closes due to the host panel going into alarm, the AR1 remote repeater is simultaneously triggered and a sounder activates and an LED illuminates. The sounder can be silenced by pressing a mute button, but the light remains on until the alarm has been cleared. If fitted with a relay, it is possible to link to another AR1 repeater panel or to the BMS.

Typical applications include computer rooms, comms rooms, server rooms, data centres and plant rooms.

Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 25mm
Power Supply: 240VAC
Power Usage: 30mA
Outputs Options: No-volt relay (optional)
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