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RAA Remote Repeater

RAA Multi-zone Remote Repeater Alarm

RAA Multi Zone Remote Repeat Alarm

The RAA repeater alarm is capable of monitoring up to 128 different zones. It can be connected to any leak detection alarm panel via their relay output. The RAA can repeat an alarm from a number of individual alarm units positioned in different locations around a building, this allows for centralised monitoring. It can also be connected to a multizone alarm panel and will repeat an alarm detected by the main panel showing which zone has a leak.

  • Allows remote monitoring of up to 128 zones
  • Can be fitted with a battery backup in case of a mains power failure
  • The RAA has an individual audio/visual output to indicate which zone is in alarm

The RAA is activated when a signal from the host panel is received via the switching of a no-volt relay. The RAA has three levels of indication for each zone, leak detected, line fault and line healthy. When an alarm is triggered the RAA will indicate which zone it is as well as sound an internal horn, which can be muted by pressing a button on the panel. The RAA repeater panel has two output relays as standard and can be connected to one of Aqualeaks Autodial units and the BMS.

Typical applications include computer rooms, comms rooms, server rooms, data centres and plant rooms.

Dimensions (2 – 8 Zones): 217x257x112mm
Dimensions (9 – 16 Zones): 380x280x130mm
Dimensions (17 – 32 Zones): 600x300x130mm
Dimensions 33 – 64 Zones): 600x300x130mm
Power Supply: 240VAC
Relay Rating: 240VAC 8amp / 240VAC 2amp
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