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RR Remote Repeater

RR Remote Repeater Alarm

RR Single Zone Remote Repeat Alarm

The RR remote repeater miniature entry level panel is used for applications where a simple repeat of the main unit is required. When the host system goes into an alarm state, the RR will also be triggered. The RR can be positioned in a control centre or reception area where the alarm is more likely to be observed.

  • Allows remote monitoring of leak detection alarm panels
  • Can be positioned at distances up to 25m from the main panel
  • The RR is powered from the main alarm panel

The RR is fitted with incoming terminals for linking to remote alarm sources and can accept an alarm signal from the no volt relay in the alarm source. The RR is an extension of the main unit and as such does not have the facility to mute and reset, this must be done on the source panel.

Typical applications include computer rooms, comms rooms, server rooms, data centres and plant rooms.

Dimensions: 85 x 85 x 25mm
Outputs options: Visual, Audio/Visual
Maximum Distance: 25 metres
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