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Water Detection Sensors


Sensor Cable (SC)

Sensor cable is used where it would be an advantage to monitor for water leaks over an area or under a run of pipes. Sensor cables monitor for water along their full length and can be run in lengths between 1 and 100 metres. The cable is constructed from a twisted insulated cable that acts as a carrier for a pair of single strand marine grand stainless steel conductors, connectors are DIN type locking. When water bridges across the conductors this will trigger the alarm.

Sensor cable can also be supplied in a braided variant of the standard product; ideal for environments that require the sensor cable to be installed against a metallic surface.

Adjustable Sensor Probe

Adjustable Sensor Probe (FS4/S)

The adjustable sensor probe is used where the water from a leak may be present only in a certain area, such as in drip trays, bunds, drains, and gutters. The height of the sensor from the floor is fully adjustable between 0 and 25mm and can be floor or wall mounted. It is possible to connect several sensors in parallel to offer multiple point leak detection on a single zone alarm panel or multiple sensors connected individually to a multizone system. The sensors are connected using a leader cable.

Protected Adjustable Sensor Probe

Protected Adjustable Sensor Probe (FS4/SB)

The protected adjustable sensor probe has a robust protective housing where the position of the sensor would make it vulnerable to damage. Available as a floor or wall mount, the protective housing is also the junction box in which the connection cables are terminated. The height of the sensor from the floor is fully adjustable between 0 and 25mm and it is possible to connect more than one sensor together in parallel to monitor a number of different location.

Minipad Sensor

Minipad Sensor (MPP)

The minipad sensor uses a small printed conductor area to detect the presence of water. These sensors are ideal for small air-conditioning units, air conditioning drip trays, ceiling voids and areas with restricted access.

Wall Mounted Sensor Probe

Wall Mounted Sensor Probe (VRM)

The wall mounted sensor probe can be used in areas where it would be difficult to fit anything to the floor. They can be daisy-chained together to offer protection around the periphery of a room, when there is a risk of damage to sensor tape or floor mounted probes from human traffic or equipment. This low profile sensor is ideal for environments where the sensors need to blend in with the surroundings. They can be fixed to the skirting and painted the same colour.

Intelligent Water Sensor

Intelligent Water Sensor (IWS)

This is a microprocessor controlled intelligent leak detection sensor designed to signal when conductive fluids (such as water) touch and bridge the conductors at the bottom of the sensor. This sensor can be used as a standalone device connected directly to a BMS using the internal volt-free relay to signal that a leak has been detected. It is also used where the distance from the Aqualeak alarm panel is very long (over 100m) as each sensor unit is powered independently and again the volt-free relay is utilized to signal a leak.

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