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WG2 Major Water Leak Detector

WAT 02 & WAT 03 Major Water Leak Detection

The WG2 has been designed specifically to help meet and exceed the Building Research Establishments BREEAM credit for WAT02 and WAT03. The criteria requires a major water leak detection system can monitor for water leaks on the mains cold water both externally to a building as well as internally.

  • Designed to meet all BREEAM requirements for BREEAM WAT02 and WAT03.
  • Can be connected to the BMS to record water consumption (WAT02) as well as signal that a leak has been detected.
  • Optional latching valves are available to switch off the water supply should a leak be detected.

The WG2 uses a turbine water meter positioned at the boundary usually adjacent to the utility meter and a second where the mains cold water first comes into the building. The two water meters monitor the flow of water, outputting the amount via a pulse reader attached to each meter. The WG2 is fully programmable and can be set to monitor a specific amount of water at a specific time of day. Should this set amount be exceeded at any time, the system will go into alarm.

Typical applications include schools, hospitals, prisons, commercial units, public buildings, office buildings and leisure centres.

It activates when the flow exceeds the pre-set maximum for the pre-set period of time. It can identify different flow and therefore leakage rates and is programmable to suit the owner/occupiers water consumption requirements

Zones covered: 2
Dimensions: 300x260x130mm
Pipe sizes covered: 15mm – 200mm
Power Supply: 240VAC
Pulse Splitter: Yes
Meter fitting: upto 40mm BSP above 40mm flange


Water Meter

Aqualeak supply turbine water meters with pulse reader units which output at the correct parameters for the WG1 and WG2 water leak detection control panels.

Meters are available in sizes between 15mm and 200mm. Water Meter Details

BRE Global and its affiliates do not endorse or certify any individual products and reserve all rights.  Certification that a product meets BREEAM requirements is provided by a BREEAM assessor based on its use and application at any individual site.

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