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BREEAM Sensor-based Water Leak Detectors

The AquaPIR is a proven solution for WAT4 sanitary supply shut-off and comprises of a proximity detector and solenoid valve fitted to the supply to the bathroom.  The AquaPIR can prevent unwanted wastage of water helping consumption rates and minimising damage.

PIR BREEAM Flow-based Water Leak Detector

PIR sensors and solenoid valves for sanitary shutoff to comply with BREEAM WAT4.  Come in sizes between ½” and 2” for automatic water shutoff when the bathroom is vacant.

Complies with BREEAM WAT04 and uses PIR sensors and zero lift solenoid valves to control the flow of water into male, female and disabled toilet blocks.  Specified by BREEAM to reduce the risk of minor leaks in toilet facilities that could result in significant losses of water over time being undetected. PIR BREEAM Flow-based Water Leak Detector Details

BRE Global and its affiliates do not endorse or certify any individual products and reserve all rights.  Certification that a product meets BREEAM requirements is provided by a BREEAM assessor based on its use and application at any individual site.

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