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Commercial Flow-based Water Leak Detection

In detecting the flow of water passing through a pipe, these products can prevent expensive and un-necessary floods by automatically switching off the water should a leak occur. Whether you want to protect a single appliance such as a vending machine or an entire building, we have systems to suit most applications.

AquaStop Water Leak Detector

Leak prevention to switch off the water in the event of a leak or burst pipe. Fully mechanical requiring no electrical connections.

This is an inline leak prevention device that monitors excessive water flow against an expected rate or exceeded time period. Ideal for monitoring leaks in building such as commercial units, farms, and shops, the AquaStop does not require any electricity to operate making it an ideal product for fitting in remote locations. AquaStop Water Leak Detector Details
AquaGuard Water Leak Detector

Intelligent water leak prevention to stop large escapes of water in the event of a leak. Ideal for protecting individual areas with in a large building, shops and smaller commercial units.

The  AquaGuard can be used to protect smaller business premises or individual areas in larger properties.  Excessive damage is minimized by monitoring the flow of water through a pipe and automatically shuts it off when the user set flow or time is exceeded.   AquaGuard Water Leak Detector Details
AquaBlock Water Leak Detector

Automatic shutoff device for protecting individual appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and vending machines.

Basic leak prevention device to work inline to protect individual appliances such as vending machines, water purifiers and dishwashers. Fitted to the supply to the equipment, the AquaBlock will monitor the amount of continuous flow expected and switch off the water if exceeded.   AquaBlock Water Leak Detector Details
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