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AquaStop YS Flow-based Water Leak Detector

AquaStop Water Leak Detector

Inline leak prevention with automatic shutdown.

The AquaStop has been developed to monitor for leaks in houses, apartments, farms and caravans. It works by monitoring excessive flow rates and unexpected flow over time. When either of these situations are detected the AquaGuard will automatically switch off the water supply.

  • Adjustable flow and time settings to allow for different properties water use
  • Completely mechanical using a hydraulic flow timer to measure time
  • Ideal for remote areas where there is no power

The AquaStop will monitor the amount of time that water continuously passes through it and should this exceed the pre-set time (between 15 minutes and 2 hours incremental) the valve will shut off the water.  In addition to this, the AquaStop monitors the pressure from the incoming water supply and compares it to the pressure of the water as it exits.  If the outgoing pressure is lower, a leak is the likely cause and the valve shuts.

The AquaStop has a 1.5” BSP male fitting at each end and can easily be fitted into any pipework using standard connectors at a size to suit.

Dimensions: 345 x 120 x 150mm
Time settings: between 15 minutes and 2 hours
Flow rate settings: 15l/h to 2,800l/h
Connections: 1.5” BSP male
Temperature Range: 1⁰ - 30⁰C
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