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Commercial Sensor-based Single-zone Water Leak Detectors

Aqualeak provide intelligent water leak detection for individual areas where the presence of unwanted water would cause serious disruption and require expensive repairs. These leak detectors use a variety of water sensor devices to acknowledge the presence of water and signal an alarm.

WaterBug Water Leak Detector

Leak detection alarm with audio/visual output and BMS interface.  Ideal for monitoring in archive rooms, smaller comms rooms and plant rooms.

Available in two versions either with local visual audio alarming or designed to integrate directly with the BMS. Both versions work with Aqualeak sensing cable and sensors that monitor for the presence of water in areas such as comms rooms, plant rooms, computer rooms and archive areas.
WaterBug Water Leak Detector Details
AquaTraq Water Leak Detector

Water leak monitoring system with battery backup and two output relays.  Can be connected to a BMS and a solenoid valve to switch off the water supply.

The AquaTraq is an intelligent single zone system capable of detecting water leaks and outputting signals to alert and take action to minimize the damage caused by this.  The AquaTraq can use any of the Aqualeak sensing devices and can be connected to solenoid valves to switch off the supply in the event of a leak.   AquaTraq Water Leak Detector Details
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