AquaBlock Flow-based Water Leak Detector

AquaBlock Water Leak Detector

Inline leak prevention for appliances.

The AquaBlock is a simple inline water fuse that protects against water leaks on the supply to individual appliances such as washing machines and vending machines.

  • Very low cost simple device
  • Completely mechanical requiring no electricity supply to function
  • Comes standard with ¾” BSP connections

The AquaBlock works by measuring the amount of water that passes through it in a continuous flow and switching off the water should this exceed the user defined amount. Appliances such as washing and vending machines draw water intermittently and as such can have relatively low monitoring rates set. This has the advantage of switching off the water supply quickly when a leak occurs.

Applications include vending machines, water purifiers, washing machines, dishwashers and ice makers.

Dimensions: 90x50mm Diameter
Connections: ¾” BSP female/ ¾” BSP male
Continuous Flow Settings: between 5L and 50L
Min Flow rate: 0.5L/min