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AquaGuard Flow-based Water Leak Detector

Inline leak prevention for domestic use.

The AquaGuard is designed to prevent excessive escapes of water by monitoring excessive flow rates and unexpected flow over time.  When either of these situations are detected the AquaGuard will automatically switch off the water supply.

  • Adjustable flow and time settings to allow for different properties water use
  • Operates via a roving hand set and requires only 4 x AA batteries (Mains version available)
  • Can be manually over-ridden to provide water for longer periods
  • Will shut off the water after a user defined amount of time in hours if no flow has been detected (between 0 ((off)) and 127)

The destruction caused by a water leak can be both costly and devastating.  The AquaGuard can be used to minimise the amount of water allowed to escape should a pipe burst or fracture.  Fitted just after the stopcock, it measures the flow of water passing into the property and compares the flow rate and time the water has been flowing against user definable settings.  In the event that either setting is exceeded a motorised valve will automatically close and the water is shut off.

There is a holiday mode that will automatically switch off the water after no flow has been detected after a user-defined period of time in hours and a handy over-ride feature that allows for water to flow for longer than the pre-set limit.

Dimensions: Valve 105x95x65mm
Power Supply: 3VDC
Expected Battery Life: 12 months (normal use)
Min/Max Flow rate: 0.5L/min – 25L/min
Temperature Range: 0 - 30⁰C
Connections: 3/4” BSP Female / 3/4” BSP Male

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