Domestic Sensor-based Multi-zone Water Leak Detectors

Where there is a requirement to monitor several locations or several different rooms simultaneously, Aqualeak have a leak detection system for this. Using our sensor cable, probes or pads it is possible to detect the presence of water and get an audio/visual alarm to indicate this.

AquaTek 4 Water Leak Detector

Entry level alarm panel for up to four different locations.  Can be used for the simultaneous monitoring of multiple tea points, small and medium server rooms and hidden pipework.

The Aquatek4 is our entry level multizone water leak detection panel ideal for monitoring for leaks in several areas at the same time.  The alarm panel can be connected to any of Aqualeaks sensing cables, probes or pads and will signal an audio and visual alarm on detection of water. AquaTek 4 Water Leak Detector Details