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Domestic Sensor-based Single-zone Water Leak Detectors

Aqualeak have water leak detection products that will alert you to the presence of water even in the most inaccessible of places. We have systems for specific points such as underneath a washing machine and systems to monitor areas such as under shower trays. Options are available that will automatically shut off the water supply and can phone you to warn you that you have a leak.

DWD Domestic Water Leak Detector

Simple single point leak detector alarm unit with dial out option to warn you of the presence of water should a leak occur.

The DWD is a self-contained fit and forget alarm unit designed to monitor for leaks in a specific area.  Ideal for areas such as basement, attics, boats and appliances, for example washing machines, where accessibility is difficult and a leak could well go undetected for a period of time.   DWD Domestic Water Leak Detector Details
FloodStoppa Water Leak Detector

Sophisticated modular leak detection that combines a sensor and automatic shutoff valve to protect your house from flooding.

The FloodStoppa has been designed with the facility to shut the water off to the area where a leak has been detected.  The FloodStoppa alarm panel can be used with any of Aqualeaks sensing devices and can be connected to one of our solenoid valves that will close when an alarm condition happens.

FloodStoppa Water Leak Detector Details
AquaTek Water Leak Detection Alarm

Basic leak detection alarms that output an audio/visual alarm when a sensor detects that water is present.

The AquaTek can be used to detect water leaks in a specific location or in an area such as a basement or under inaccessible pipework.  The system uses Aqualeak sensor cable, probes or pads to monitor for the presence of water, upon which an audio and visual alarm is given.   AquaTek Water Leak Detection Alarm Details
Intruder Alarm Interface

Interactive system that will shut off the mains water supply when the code is set on your intruder alarm panel and restore normal service when you return and switch off the alarm.

The Intruder Alarm Interface panel allows connection between the intruder alarm panel and a solenoid valve fitted on the mains cold water pipe where it enters the property. Valves are available in 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm versions and are simply cabled back to the panel. AquaTek Water Leak Detection Alarm Details
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