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DWD Sensor-based Single-zone Water Leak Detector

DWD Domestic Water Leak Detector

Domestic Water Detection

The DWD water leak detection alarm has been designed to go in domestic environments where the possibility of water leaks could lead to expensive repairs or losses. It is a fully self-contained device that can run from a 9V battery or a mains power supply (optional).

  • Accurately detects the presence of water and sounds an alarm
  • Can be used with a telephone dialler to alert you when in alarm
  • Fully automatic operation and very easy to install and maintain

This compact self-contained device has a detection probe that can be stuck to any clean surface where the possibility of a leak exists. Once installed the DWD will remain silent until the probe detects the presence of water. This sets the system into alarm and a load siren is sounded alerting the home owner to the problem immediately. This gives the maximum amount of time to react to a leak or burst pipe before too much damage has been caused.

  • Typical applications include air-conditioning units, dishwashers, washing machines, bathrooms, attics, basements, boats and caravans.
Specification (DWD)
Dimensions: 100x60x35mm
Power Supply: 9VDC Battery or 9VDC mains adapter (optional)
Battery Life: 1 year (normal conditions)
Sounder Level: 85dB @ 25m
Output: Relay Optional
Sensor to Alarm (m): 1.7m


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