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FloodStoppa Sensor-based Single-zone Water Leak Detector

FloodStoppa Domestic Flood Prevention System

Automatic Leak Detection and Water Shut-off

The FloodStoppa system combines intuitive sensing techniques with onward alarm outputs. On detecting the presence of water the FloodStoppa will immediately switch off the source via a solenoid valve.  In doing so, this greatly mitigates the expense of damage caused by flooding.

  • Immediate reaction to the presence of water
  • Can be connected to sensor cables, probes or pads
  • Capable of fitting to pipework between ½” and 1½” diameter

This self-contained leak detection system is ideal for areas where the risk of a water leak will have large consequences. For example, in a commercial environment where a tea point is situated above a server room or in a domestic property, where a water heater might be situated above a living room. Either individual areas can be monitored using sensors or sensor-pads or lengths of pipework can be monitored using sensor cable.

  • Typical applications include air-conditioning units, dishwashers, washing machines, bathrooms, water tanks in attics and basements.

When the FloodStoppa detects the presence of water it will go into alarm and a warning LED illuminates. Simultaneously the valve (if fitted) will close and the water supply stopped. Following investigation and repair of the water leak, the system is simply restored by pressing a reset button.

Dimensions: 127x75x45mm
Power Supply: 240VAC
Power Usage: 50mA
Maximum Sensing Distance: 30m
Valve Range: ½” and 1½” diameter
Valve Supply: 240VAC


Aqualeak offer a range of different sensing techniques which will allow you to tailor your leak detection system to suit your application.

These include sensor cable, sensor probes and sensor pads. The type of sensing method used depends on the environment and requirement you have for leak detection. All the sensors work on the principle that water is a conductive element and can in effect close an open circuit. Sensor range and sensor accessories details
Water Leak Detection Valve Range

Solenoid valves are available for controlling the water flow to either switch off the supply in the event of a leak, or switch it on when demanded.

Valves are available in sizes between ½” and 2” and have zero lift specification and do not require any pressure differential for them to operate.  Water Leak Detection Valve Range Details
AR1 Single Zone Remote Repeater Alarm

The AR1 remote repeater will provide an audio and visual output that mimics the alarm output from the host alarm panel.

The AR1 also has the capability to onward signal to a autodialler or BMS via an optional volt-free relay contact. Can be used with the FloodStoppa, AquaTek, SMS Alarm, Klaxon Alarm and the SMS Temperature panels.  AR1 Single Zone Remote Repeater Alarm Details
Solodial Telephone Dialling Unit

The SoloDial automatic dialing unit can dial up to eight different telephone numbers to alert the recipient the alarm has been activated.

This has a single input which will connect to any volt free contact in the Aqualeak alarm system range.  The SoloDial will try each number in sequence until the alarm has been acknowledged. Solodial Telephone Dialling Unit Details
SMS Alarm

The SMS alarm can be used to send text messages to up to five different phones when an alarm is triggered.

Up to four different devices can be connected to the alarm inputs and a bespoke message for each transmitted. It works with any mobile network SIM card and requires no fixed telephone line to operate making it ideal for working in remote locations. SMS Alarm Details
Beacon and Sounder

When positioned on the outside of a room or on the outside of a building the beacon/sounder can be used to alert that an alarm has been triggered.

It has a very load klaxon and a bright flashing light that would be difficult to ignore even from a considerable distance away. Beacon and Sounder Details
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